Misery Needs Company

After a day at the zoo the family and I decided to stop and get a late lunch.  As the hostess guided us through the restaurant to our table I noticed Elizabeth scanning the room looking at the other patrons.  Then, as we were seated, she spotted what she was looking for, sighed and said, “Oh thank goodness.  We’re not the only ones that have a toddler.” Continue reading

Dad, What Are You Wearing?

Fathers tend to get kind of a bad wrap.  The stereotypical mom is sweet, nurturing and completely devoted.  Dads on the other hand.  Well, the stereotypical dad is lounging in a recliner, making dad jokes and constantly making fashion faux pas.  I cannot speak to how mother’s stay amazing, some things in life may always be a mystery, but I’m beginning to realize why dads act like, well dads. Continue reading

When Mom is Away…

Generally I do not get a lot of one on one time with my son.  Thank goodness.  It’s not that I don’t love my son, I do.  He is just so needy.  Elizabeth usually takes on the brunt of this neediness.  My son correctly identifies her as the one that can most effectively provide him the trappings of his everyday life.  For instance, on more than one occasion, my wife has asked me to do something simple like put socks on him.  “Of course I will,  just as soon as you tell me where we keep his socks.”  Again, it’s not that I don’t care for him; I am just completely oblivious to some of the things that make his everyday life run smoothly.  So, in our house, when Mom is away, there is only one rule: survive. Continue reading