Livin’ the Dream

Generally speaking, when someone tells you that they are “Livin’ the Dream”, they are being facetious.  It was an expression I used frequently when I served in the Navy. afghanLiving in Twentynine Palms, in the Mojave Desert, life was hot and mundane. If someone asked me, “How’s it going?”  My response would be, “Just livin’ the dream.”  I made lifelong friends during my time in two-nine, but the foundation of those friendships is that we all suffered through the same misery together.  The life we lived was definitely more of a nightmare than a dream.  I knew that the life I wanted to live was vastly different from the life I was living.  Despite being offered a sizable bonus for re-enlistment (not because I was some great sailor but because I occupied a job that was in high demand), I made the decision to pursue a life that more closely resembled “the dream”.

I moved back to Missouri and enrolled in college.  I met a girl.  We started dating in December and were engaged by the following July.  It was fast, but I knew she was exactly was I was looking for; beautiful, God fearing, smart and funny.  Plus we wanted the same things in life; to settle down in rural Missouri, start a family and just enjoy a simple life.  We were married after my second year of college and just a year and a half later, our son was born.

familyWhen I graduated college and took a job as a Middle School Social Studies teacher, football and track coach.  My wife and I bought a house outside of town that sits on a couple acres of land.  I recently purchased chickens and, in the future, I plan on adding a pig and some dairy goats to our small farm.  My wife is currently pregnant with our second child that is due to arrive in December.

sleepingToday, if a friend were to ask me how things were going, I would smile and say, “Just livin’ the dream.” It would probably be taken as sarcasm but, in reality, it is the truth.  The life that I have today is one, that years ago, while laying on the hard ground in southern Afghanistan, I would have would have dreamed about.  That does not mean that my life is one without adversity or challenges, but it is exactly the life I want.  This blog is about that life.  The wife, the kids, the family and friends, the animals, the projects and all the other crazy these that make up this everyday dream life.


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