The Fight

I have never been much of a fighter.  Guess I never really saw much need for it.  This guy though, this guy was different.  He had it out for me.  From the outset we were on a collision course with little chance of this being resolved peacefully. Continue reading

The Ugly Dog

My wife likes to put on a tough persona.  In reality, however, she is quite tenderhearted.  For example, on numerous occasions, I have come upon her crying and when asked why, she would inform me that she had just finished watching veterans returning home to surprise family members on YouTube.  Seriously, who does that?  Couple the soft heart with the emotional roller coaster that is the second trimester of a pregnancy and a love of animals; for me this is a recipe for disaster. Continue reading

Freedom Manifests Through Backyard Chickens

When it comes to symbols of freedom the bald eagle is hard to beat.  Rightfully so, it is a relative giant in the avian world, top of the food chain, no natural predators and what’s more free than “soaring like an eagle”?  In contrast, the chicken is short, fat and preyed upon by just about everything.  However, you show me a man with a chicken and I’ll show you a man with some freedom.

Continue reading